About Santa Fe Hestia Fund

We’re a group of Santa Fe women changing the way giving works.

Founded in 2008, Santa Fe Hestia Fund is a giving circle comprised of dedicated women who live in or have a connection with Santa Fe, New Mexico. The group uses the name of Hestia, the Greek goddess of the hearth. Our goal is to increase the high school graduation rate by supporting MIDDLE SCHOOL children. We have granted over $1 Million Dollars to local nonprofit organizations in the past 10 years.  

The critical factors that make Hestia successful as a giving circle are mutual respect, trust, transparency, collaboration, and open dialogue. We grow the Fund in an organic way, encouraging the current membership to invite friends and acquaintances to join us in our giving.


We believe that supporting middle school students to graduate from high school is a keystone achievement that gives them the self-confidence to lead fulfilling lives.

Young people who have been successful at making valued contributions in their lives, and who are able to build meaning from interactions with their world, can become resilient young adults who are able to identify, create, and navigate opportunities for self-growth.

We have developed a model to describe our understanding of the success needs of middle school children, which we call the Whole Child framework, where the social and academic needs of successful children are mutually-dependent.  (Shown below.)

Central to this process is access to strong, sustained relationships with supportive adults from birth to young adulthood and rich developmental experiences.

Our mission is to support programs which foster these relationships and promote empowered students.


Learn more about our sister program, Boston Hestia Fund, here and listen to an interview with Hestia Fund founder Susan Priem.