We maximize efficiency to create more meaningful impact.

We’re committed to delivering the most impact with our members’ gifts — 90% of our contributions are awarded to Grantees each year.

As a result, we deliver increased impact for our members’ gift dollars by eliminating the bulk of traditional philanthropic administrative costs.

Hestia membership requires an annual financial contribution of $5,000 with an initial three-year commitment.

Financial contributions are 100% tax-deductible and are distributed through our annual grant-making program.


  • Flexible participation—members are encouraged to be as active as they’d like to be within the organization.
  • Personal satisfaction—work locally and connect with our community through annual site visits (see below for more information on site visits).
  • Inclusive, consensus-based decision making.

Funding Process and Member Participation

Member meetings happen throughout the year with both the entire group and in committees. The committees support the funding process and goals to engage new members and grantees.



Hestia encourages all members to join, participate in, and eventually lead a committee. It is highly recommended that each member serve on the Grants Committee at some point to fully understand and appreciate the heart and soul of the Santa Fe Hestia Fund.

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee is empowered to decide which potential programs will be site visited by the Hestia Fund. Later the committee recommends how to distribute Hestia’s funds. Grants Committee membership is a two-year commitment.  Members rotate off of the committee each year so that there is always a combination of veteran and new committee members. The Chair (or Co-Chairs) of the committee is chosen at the end of the cycle and comes from within the committee. Each committee member is expected to attend all committee meetings, read and review all grant applications, organize and lead site visits, consider all site visit reports from members, engage in thoughtful discussion and critique, and deliberate with the other members of the committee to reach recommendations that are presented to the members in February – first by email and then by report to the membership at the winter Hestia meeting.  The members have final approval of the Grants recommendations and a 2/3 vote from a quorum of the membership (50% plus one) is required to approve or reject the Grant allocations.  Voting by email is accepted.

Leadership Succession

The Chair and Vice Chair of the Hestia Fund work closely together.  They provide long-range strategic thinking and planning for Hestia with input from the members. The Vice Chair is expected to move into the Chair position. Each October the rising Chair of the Hestia Fund recommends her Vice Chair for the coming year. Nominations can also be accepted from the floor for this position.  The Fund’s new leadership team takes over at the Holiday Luncheon in December.

Site Visits

The “site visit” is the cornerstone of Hestia’s grant funding process. During each site visit, Hestia members have an opportunity to observe the program under consideration and get to know each one in a profoundly personal way. These visits form the core of communication between Grantee partners and Hestia members.

A team of 3-4 Hestia members visits the site of each potential grantee with a Grants Committee member as the lead. Site visits last between 60 and 90 minutes. Site visits begin as early as June for the summer programs and the visits extend into November. All site visit opportunities will be posted on the Hestia members website as they are confirmed. Each Hestia member is encouraged to do at least one site visit a year but can participant as often as desired.

Considered the “heart and soul” of Hestia, site visits foster a sense of collaboration and camaraderie among Hestia members and between Hestians and the greater Santa Fe community.