We believe if middle school students are supported, positively engaged, thriving and aspiring — they will graduate high school and go forward towards successful lives.

Santa Fe Hestia Fund works by leveraging strategic giving and consensus decision making with a focus on organizational efficiency.

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***New Funding Schedule***

In an effort to shorten the funding cycle from the submission to the distribution of funds, the Santa Fe Hestia Fund granting process will now be divided into Summer Programs & School Year Programs. Each cycle will have its own timeline for application submission, site visits, and receipt of funding.

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Hestia Fund Grants Record $190,000 to Middle School Programs.

The Santa Fe Hestia Fund have just awarded more than $190,000 in grants to 13 local non-profit organizations. This is the highest amount the group has ever distributed, and funding priorities were focused on programs that have found ways to provide support to students and their families throughout the Covid pandemic. 

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