We believe if middle school students are supported, positively engaged, thriving and aspiring — they will graduate high school and go forward towards successful lives.

Santa Fe Hestia Fund works by leveraging strategic giving and consensus decision making with a focus on organizational efficiency.

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Celebrating $1 Million in Grants

Hestia grants to Santa Fe middle school programs reach $1,000,000 in Hestia’s 10th year of funding. Tom Trowbridge discussed Hestia Santa Fe with Yvonne Sinninger on Wake-Up Call on KSFR. Also learn about Hestia history with an interview with Founder Susan Priem, and current members Suzanne Cisneros and Linda Nelson on The Richard Eeds Show on KTRC 103.7 FM. Click to hear both interviews and read about the $1 Million Dollar funding achievement.

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