The Yoga in Schools (YiS) program has been empowering Santa Fe’s youth with yoga-inspired exercise for a lifetime of wellness since 2002. YiS offers a unifying class experience in which students are taught basic yoga poses and mindfulness practices. Our curricula are specifically designed to develop students’ body-mind awareness and equip them with the ability to nurture their own well-being.

Outside of the classroom, YiS allows the local students to attend any regular yoga class at Santa Fe Community Yoga for free.

The programs have been tremendously successful with consistent reports of improved mood and energy levels, higher test scores, lower stress levels, and fewer displays of anger and violent incidents.

YiS was created in 2002 and has offered a yoga-based, alternative movement class in the Santa Fe public schools each semester of each year since its inception. With many schools losing funding for physical education teachers, YiS has been able to offer the schools a unique option in place of traditional physical education classes.