We believe strategic giving is compassionate giving.

Santa Fe Hestia Fund considers proposals from a variety of organizations and allocates funds to a diverse range of programs that support our mission. Proposals must benefit MIDDLE SCHOOL age students. Chosen grantees promote the “whole child” concept and add positively to middle school children’s life experience in the areas of academics, arts, sciences, athletics, health and well-being. Funding applications are due on May 15th each year.

The 2020/2021 grant cycle closed May 15, 2019. To learn more about getting funded visit GET FUNDED. The next grant cycle will open in March 2020. 

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For awarded Grantees CLICK HERE to download the Final Grant Report

Below is a list of Hestia Grantees from the past 5 years.

Scrub Club

Developing critical thinking skills through science and math. 

Cooking with Kids

Empowering kids through healthy nutrition education. 


Emboldening youth to address signs of sexual abuse.

Advancement Via Individual Determination

Supporting academic excellence through critical thinking, literacy and math skills.

Santa Fe Community Orchestra

Inspiring music students through mentorship. 

Young Fathers of Santa Fe

Strengthening fathers and families through educational strategies.

Performance Santa Fe

Inspiring school music programs through mentoring. 

Santa Fe Girls School

Fostering intellectual, academic and social success in a girls-only environment.

Sostenuto Program/Performance Santa Fe

Inspiring school music programs through mentoring. 

Santa Fe Botanical Garden

Inspiring students through botanical education.

Impact (Resolve)

Empowering young people to combat physical abuse. 

Poets in the Schools

Building literacy skills through poetry. 

Natural Helpers

Building self-worth for students at risk of suicide or harmful behavior .

New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering

Empowerment through awakening girls’ interest in STEM subjects.

National Dance Institute

Building self-esteem through dance. 

Planned Parenthood Middle School Girls Group

Empowering at-risk youth through counseling and learning opportunities.

Mariachi Conquistador

Creating positive self–image through expanding cultural awareness, instill pride and authenticity.

Mandela Mentorship Program

Unlocking inspiration through local mentoring.

Girls, Inc

Empowering girls to make positive choices through mentorship. 

Gerard’s House

Recapturing normalcy in trauma-victimized families. 

First Tee

Building integrity through group participation in golf. 

First Serve-NM

Equipping students for social success through tennis and after-school academic studies.

Earth Care

Empowering young people with community decision-making. 

Communities in Schools

Empowering at-risk students to academic success.

Collaborative Working Group

Aligning community strategies, actions, and resources to improve outcomes.

Breakthrough Santa Fe

Empowerment of high potential lower income youth through college admission preparation. 

Boys & Girls Club/SMART Girls Program

Inspiring and enabling youth to develop strong self-identity


Inspiring creativity through public murals and camaraderie

Cooking with Kids

Empowering kids through healthy nutrition education.