Hestia considers proposals from a variety of organizations.

The proposals must benefit MIDDLE SCHOOL age students, adding positively to their life experience in the areas of academics, arts, sciences, athletics, health and well-being.

We review GRANTEE applications after May 15th of each year. 

The 2020/2021 Grant Cycle closed May 15, 2019.

click to DOWNLOAD a PDF or Word Doc of the Application.

Grant Partner Applications must be filled out in full and submitted to Hestia in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Email Completed forms to hestiasantafe@gmail.com no later than the deadline.

Please use the following subject in your email “Grant Application, your organization’s name, 2020-2021.″

While the overall goal is to encourage students to gain successes and stay motivated to remain in school though a high school graduation, the more immediate goal is to offer students enriching opportunities. Though funding programming has been Hestia’s emphasis, strategic initiatives will also be considered.

Organizations can apply individually or in collaboration with other groups to provide a more comprehensive program.

**Please note the Hestia Fund follows a guideline of funding our grant partners for no more than three consecutive years. This guideline does not assure consecutive funding during the three-year term as each organization’s performance is evaluated yearly. We encourage all grant partners to apply for funding again after the one-year hiatus. For those who are funded by Hestia, this means three years on, one year off.

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